Getriebe Zentrum

Getriebe-Zentrum 365 is a company selling gearboxes. We have been present on the European market for several years, thus we have both considerable experience and a number of workshops that buy our products on a regular basis. So far, we have sold several thousand gearboxes which we repair with utmost care and, as a result, we can pride ourselves on high product reliability exceeding 90% (only 2% of total sales are subject to complaint). Our services include also free delivery of products with our own transport which cuts the lead time down to 1-3 days only.

Gearbox regeneration process


All contaminants and impurities are removed from the gearbox.


Any parts that fail to meet high quality requirements of the vehicle manufacturer are replaced. In the case of recall campaigns we also install improved spare parts whereas the faulty part is no longer used. All standard wear and tear parts (e.g. synchronizers, sleeve bearings, bushings, lubrication pumps, thrust washers and certain gears) are replaced with new OE quality parts, i.e. of a quality comparable to that of the original components. Next, the gearbox is assembled ready for installation in accordance with specifications of the manufacturer. We use only top quality parts.


All components are sandblasted. ll surfaces are properly cleaned with abrasives (sand) using compressed air. As a result, we get a surface that has the necessary roughness for further machine painting with appropriate materials.


After a general overhaul, the components are checked for their function and tightness by qualified mechanics from our centre.

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Legal details:
GZDN-Getriebezentrum Damian Nowak
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Orzeszkowej 16
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